London Public Transit Directions Now Available on Google Maps

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Google has recently announced that its Google Maps service will provide real-time transit updates, a great way to make public transportation more convenient and efficient for millions of commuters. This service has now been launched for London, UK. "One of Europe's largest metropolitan areas, London is a major destination for both business travelers and tourists. More than 1 billion passengers are serviced by Transport for London (TfL) every year across over 18,000 bus stops and over 250 Underground stations. " Read on for more details on how to use
Image: Google

To use this service, you simply go to Google Maps and click on "get directions" on the left. Then you click on the transit icon also on the left, and enter your departure point and destination. Once you click the blue "get directions" button, you'll get directions on how to get there using transit, with the times of the next available buses or underground trains. The times should be as accurate as they can be since Google interfaces directly with an open database from Transport for London.

It gets even better if you have a smartphone, because it'll use your exact location to determine what's the best way to use transit to get where you're going.

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