London Greener Car Sales to Reach £1.2 Billion Next Year

We’ve certainly had plenty of coverage of the London congestion charge here on TreeHugger. We’ve covered protests by angry residents opposed to its geographical expansion, we’ve seen signs that other cities like New York and Manchester may follow London’s lead, and we’ve already seen how the levy is boosting the sales of hybrids, which are exempt from payment. Now we hear from the London Evening Standard that the capital is set to see a huge boom in sales of greener vehicles, as experts predict purchases of hybrids, electric cars and other environmentally friendly vehicles by Londoners to reach £1.2 billion (US$2.4 billion) next year. If this speculation turns out to be correct, that would make these cleaner machines more popular than SUVs, or the infamous Chelsea Tractors as they are known in the UK. ::London Evening Standard::via GoinGreen::

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