London Bicycle (and Rider) Make History


A fantastic story just in from the UK. London’s Transport Museum has recently taken receipt of a bicycle. No ordinary bicycle, though. A FW Evan’s touring racer, owned by William Wagstaff and ridden by him mostly every day. For 73 years! William rode the bike over 50,000 miles (80,000km), to court his wife in the ‘30’s, through the Blitz, to his job as a telephone engineer, and to do the shopping ... until he had a close call with a car, which dented his confidence. He was then 93. The bicycle still goes and everything ...... (most of it original) is in working order, from the tool kit to the oil lamp. William, also still goes and is now 95. Obviously he and his trusty steel steed 'Evans' had long, fulfilling partnership, looking after one another, providing longevity for each. An inspiration for those who enjoy the world’s most efficient means of transport. Via ::ABC News Online and ::The Scotsman [by WM]

Image from London Transport Museum
London Circa 1931, two years after William Wagstaff bought his bike.