Living on Groupon Vouchers for a Year May Be Unwittingly Green

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TreeHugger has followed the "journeys" of several people who have chosen to live on nothing for a year but here is a new twist. Josh Stevens has been living off Groupon vouchers for almost a year now across the United States and now he has arrived in the UK.

Groupon is the deal of the day website which had a competition to find someone who would live on an unlimited supply of their vouchers for a year and get $100,000 at the end of the experience.

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The challenge was to live on an unlimited supply of vouchers; bartering and trading were allowed and no jobs could be taken for extra money. Josh Stevens, a gregarious unemployed ex-accountant was chosen and he has been on the road visiting 40 cities across the USA.

Groupon vouchers are not for the poor; they are coupons at the luxury end of the market. Air balloon rides, brazilians, bars and dinners at fancy restaurants are the norm. The pedicure where the fish nibble at your heels is up quite often. So how to do it, and how is it green?

Admittedly his goals were not environmental, but his modus operandi has to be. He says that he has relied on the "kindness of strangers" and trading services. Which is just what everyone has to do in this situation.

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Hotel accommodation is with friends or couch-surfing, or people's floors. He uses Skype, never pays for the net and he goes to a lot of free events. No car, he is reliant on public transport or rides. In fact he has travelled one-third by plane, one-third by train and one-third by getting rides from people.

Since he has unlimited vouchers he can swap them for things he needs. So while he may not be trading for jams and preserves, he has found that friendly locals like him and give him free food. How fresh and healthy that is can be judged.

His conclusions at the end of this epic voyage: "after tax and paying off my student loans, there will be a nice little nest egg."

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