Living with less car: three concepts for camping with your Mini

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Car camping can run the gamut from the seriously minimal to the monster trailers that are as big as a bus. BMW's Mini demonstrates that you don't need a lot of car to have a good time camping, but that you can squeeze it all into their little rides.

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Clubvan Camper

Perhaps the most interesting is the ClubVan Camper, which squeezes a pullout kitchen with stove and fridge into the rear, leaving room for sleeping for one. Other essentials include the obligatory flat-screen TV. The Independent also notes that there is "a small glass panel in the roof can be opened for ventilation or star-gazing, while the storage rack above means owners can take along equipment for outdoor sports." And a shower.
kitchen© Mini
I thought it looked like they had stuck a QUQUQ kitchen in the back, but when you look at the closeup it is clearly different, with an Outwell stove and wooden millwork. They might have been better off with a QUQUQ; two people can sleep on top of it.
teardrop© Mini

Cowley Caravan

Named after the factory where they make the Mini, It is really just a Mini towing a classic teardrop trailer, a design that has been popular since the 1930s. They are still going strong since they are light, aerodynamic and easy to tow. Perfect for a Mini. It's only 660 pounds and 4.5 inches wider than the Mini itself.

mini poptop© Mini

Countryman All4Camp

There are quite a few companies making things like this, though I am not sure if they are small enough to fit on a Mini. There are also lots of bike campers, canoe trippers and backpackers who could show you how fit everything you need for a camping weekend into the trunk of a Smart Car, let alone a Mini, and have room to spare. But these look like a lot of fun and might help sell a few cars to people who think they need something larger.

None of these are for sale; they are part of a marketing campaign. As the Independent notes, "Sadly, BMW has no plans to put these lifestyle concepts into production, but they do showcase what is possible within remarkably small parameters." Lots more images on Designboom.

Isetta caravan© Isetta

This isn't a new thing; people used to go camping with little Isettas, a lot smaller than the Mini and also built by BMW.

Furthermore, they could have learned a lot from Jacques Tati and his Renault 4, the best camping car ever.

Living with less car: three concepts for camping with your Mini
How to get away from it all while you take it all with you.

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