Living Is .Be Whatever That Means


We love living with less and mobile housing, having a small footprint and not being tied down. The miniHome was great for this but needs a tractor; the portabach needs a crane and a trailer.

Living combines the best of an RV (easily mobile) with the efficiency of a popup camper (folds down for less wind resistance) and the comfort of a multistorey townhouse. It even has a hot-tub sized bath on the upper level.


Not much of a description on the website, but it appears to be built with an aluminum frame, while the pop-up is made from an insulated, quilted fabric much like a duvet. The rigid roof hinges up to create lots of space and includes two big walk-out sized velux-type skylights.



The lower level appears to be filled with all of the tanks and technology to be independent of water and sewer, ( you would need a lot to fill that tub)


All added on top of a standard truck frame, a "faux chassis" on top of the real chassis, so it is possibly convertible for other uses.


setting up the roof


and having a bath


drying off while in the kitchen


There appears to be a hatch and passage to the cabin of the truck.


So it is all a little rough around the edges but an interesting mix of ideas and odd mix of priorities (huge tub, minimal kitchen) but looks like a lot of fun and a lot of independence. ::Living Is.Be via ::Coolhunter

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