Lithium Electric PT Cruiser from Hybrid Technologies


We'd already taken notice of Hybrid Technologies' early work with custom electric vehicles in this older post. The sport driving world has recently made electric vehicles a celebrity interest; and, so, it is no surprise that Hybrid Technologies has announced that "Reaching speeds in excess of 80 mph, our PT Cruiser conversion offers the green car connoisseur an eco-friendly alternative without sacrificing comfort or style". But it's not likely to be too sporty as long as it 'has to be close enough for government work,' as evidenced by a recent press release: "Pursuant to a NASA Space Act agreement as well as projects with the United States Navy and an upcoming Taxi project for the city of New York, Hybrid engineers have selected Ballard Power Systems' 312V 67 MS electric drive system due to its design, durability and power thresholds". ooooh. Have we spilled the beans on a new "green apple" taxi? And what's that stuff on the roof? Looks like a backpack on wheels.