Lightning's Electric Motorcycle Prototype Reaches 166 MPH at Bonneville

lightning electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Photos: ZZ/Lightning Motorcycles
The Salt Flats Have Never Been This Quiet
It seems like the Mission One electric motorcycle now has some serious competition when it comes to establishing a speed record. Last month, we wrote about how the Mission One reached an official speed of 150 MPH at the Bonneville salt flats (with a top speed of 161 MPH). But now it's Lightning Motorcycles's turn to see how fast its electric baby can go...lightning electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Photos: ZZ/Lightning Motorcycles

Here's the official release: "This week, at the historic SCTA World Finals at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a new player in the rapidly developing electric motorcycle industry emerged. Lightning Motors, running one of its pre-production prototypes was able to achieve a top speed of 166.388 mph. This exercise places the Lightning Motorcycle as the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world."

lightning electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Photos: ZZ/Lightning Motorcycles

Of course, these types of super-electric-motorcycles aren't going to be found in many people's garages. But technologies developed for high performance vehicles have a tendency to find their way into mass-market products. If this kind of racing can help develop better batteries (for example, the batteries used here are made by A123 Systems), electric motors, control electronics and more aerodynamic vehicles, it'll definitely be worth it.

And since racing is probably going to continue no matter what, it might as well be with zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles.

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