Lightning Without the Thunder: Utah Kid Schools the World on Clean Cars


Brent Singleton made news last year when he announced his plans to put a hybrid drive train in a ’32 Ford hot rod. He’s also been racing Jaws Jr., his electric dragsters both on the track and across Utah ‘s Bonneville Salt Flats—an area he has helped preserve. Brent has been driving dragsters since he was twelve. Now, a senior at Bonneville high school in Ogden, Singleton is being recognized with two major environmental awards: the President’s Environmental Youth Award and the Clean Air Excellence Award.The fabled hybrid hot rod is still in the workshop, but the idea has gotten even better since we last checked. Brent now plans for it to tow a small trailer that will showcase a variety of renewable fuels. Combining clean technologies is not a first for the Singleton family, either. Brent drives to school in an early Ford hybrid station wagon that his father bought from a university. They later outfitted the car with solar panels and a wind turbine on the roof. The car, which runs on gas, electricity, wind, and solar power is a little something they call a quadrabrid. :: Deseret News