Lightning Looking to Zap Tesla


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The Tesla Roadster is impressive; it's one of the first electric cars to be desirable to TreeHuggers and petrol-heads alike. However, a bit of competition never hurt anyone, and is great for us consumers. That's one reason that the Lightning electric car is good news. The other is that it has 700 bhp and does 0-60mph in 4 seconds.

The company is taking orders on their three different models now, with production planned to start in 2008. There's a luxury model, a lightweight sporty model and an extended range model with a range of 250 miles. The company are using Altairnano's Nanosafe batteries and Hi-Pa Drive wheel motors from PML Flightlink.Arthur Wolstenholme, Technical Director at Lightning explains, "Ten, or perhaps even five years ago, electric power was dismissed as a poor substitute for petrol, diesel or LPG. But the world has moved on significantly - from military and aerospace applications, electric motor and battery technologies have been developed that will enable the Lightning to demonstrate 700 plus bhp performance over a range that exceeds some of today's petrol performance cars. What's more, the Lightning is intended to compete with premium market sport cars, but our electric power should outstrip the response rates, torque characteristics and driveability of most exotic performance super cars. Electric power has truly arrived in the performance market."

Although Tesla is an American company, the cars are produced at the Lotus factory in the UK. With the emergence of the Lightning, perhaps it's time that the US stepped up and brought some competition? Maybe a world-wide electric car racing league should be started, with that kind of rivalry we'd all be driving 200mph in solar cars by the end of the decade. :: Auto Blog Green :: Lightning Car Company

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