License To Car Pool


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Wendy Waters at All About Cities ponders the issue of making car pools work in today's (evidently completely paranoid) society, for those communities without the density or population to support transit. She mashes the latest technologies and comes up with some interesting ideas:

1. With GPS technology, or cel phone triangulation, drivers and passengers could find each other. A licensed passenger would say that they are at a certain intersection and want a ride to a particular place.

2. you could employ the eBay-like system of rating passengers and drivers. Every time a driver offers a ride, the passenger rates him or her — and the passengers are rated by the drivers.

3. a special carpooling device (which might just be a special cel phone) could have an "emergency" button. If a driver or passenger needs police assistance now, they press it. With the built in GPS or locational technology, the police would instantly know where they are — and who they are. This would provide a level of safety.

4. perhaps a modest fee would be available to drivers, to compensate them. For example, 10c a kilometer or mile.

She concludes: "As car ownership grows in cost, along with the price of operating a vehicle, offering carpool rides could be a way for some people to afford ownership — especially students, who could offer rides to fellow students. Some drivers and passengers would get to know each other, as they may tend to travel the same directions at the same time — which would further add to the safety of the system." More detail at ::All About Cities

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