Lexus Advert Banned in UK


"High performance. Low emissions. Zero guilt." That was the claim made in a Lexus ad campaign. However, the Advertising Standards Authority didn't agree, and has banned the advert on the grounds of false claims.

Although the ASA agreed that, for an SUV, the car had low emissions. However the headline was misleading because it implied, incorrectly, that the car caused little or no harm to the environment.

There were only ten complaints about the Lexus RX 400h advert, but that was enough to provoke an investigation and have the advert banned entirely. Although I hate the idea of encouraging people to complain, and to fuel bureaucracy, it does seem like a very effective way of calling out green-washing advertising agencies. Next time you see an ad that claims revolutionary fuel efficiency or some other such nonsense, you may want to consider following the link below and making a complaint. :: The Guardian

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