Las Vegas Hummer Dealership Switches to SMART Cars and Vespa Scooters

Towbin Hummer Dealership photo

Hummer Excessive Even for Bling City
Dan Towbin's Hummer dealership in Las Vegas is one of the biggest in the USA. It was even featured in the "King of Cars" documentary on A&E.; But the time they are a-changin', and the Vegas Hummer dealership will soon shut down, making it at least the 8th Hummer dealership to close in the US.

Reborn from the Ashes, Smaller & Smarter
But Mr. Towbin has plans. ACcording to the WSJ, he wants to open a Smart car dealership, and he's already selling many other brands including Vespa scooters. From Hummers to Smarts and Vespas. Not bad.

Hummer SUV photo

Reason for Abandoning Hummers
But what's more impressive is that Towbin stays a "uber-Hummer enthusiast". The reason for the switch isn't so much personal convictions as economic reality. This means that it's not only one guy who decided to close down his dealership, but rather that a lot of people in Vegas are interested by smaller vehicles than before.

The brand’s troubles are understandable. With the national average for a price of gas resting at $3.66 a gallon, it costs $84 to fill up Hummer’s smallest model–the H3. At that price, an H3 owner in Las Vegas could fly to Los Angeles for a roundtrip weekend getaway for about as much as it would cost to drive the H3.

Thanks to Brian Easterling for the tip!

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