Large Scale Fuel Theft Hits Scotland


Fuel Thieves - Reincarnated From 1981 Oil Crisis
Large scale fuel theft is a nasty problem that hits the poor and elderly hard. Happened before so we should not be surprised. Won't be but a few months...certainly by winter...that it'll surface in North America.
Scotland is in the grip of a new crime wave with organized thieves stealing tens of thousands of litres of fuel each day from farms, homes and petrol stations across the country. Record oil prices have made fuel a targeted commodity for gangs of criminals. Thieves are reselling the stolen fuel through independent, rural petrol stations or selling directly through a network of criminal contacts in Scotland's major cities.
Via::The Sunday Herald, Fuel theft crime wave sweeps Scotland as petrol prices soar,

Waiting for the ads for oil-tank watching webcams and suburban Pit Bull rentals. We'll need a War-On-Gas-Theft Czar. Right after Congress passes a resolution blaming the thefts on Hippies and lack of sufficient offshore drilling.

Does James Kunstler sound increasingly plausible?

Peace love and conservation would be less dangerous. Why don't we do that on the road?

Via:CafePress, Cafe Press Banner, "13 oz. flexible vinyl is weather-resistant" Pun credit to Elvis Costello, What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding?

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