Large Majority of Americans Support 40 mpg

The Opinion Research Corporation just polled a bunch of Americans concerning automobile efficiency and the results are very encouraging. Seventy-eight percent of people say that they would like the government to impose a 40 mpg fuel efficiency standard (the current standard is 27.5 mpg.) Though it seems that Americans are not currently enamored with driving the 40 mpg vehicles that are available, apparently they would like to be forced into it.

The poll also showed strong support for bringing efficient EU models to America and support for gasoline taxes that would subsidize research and development of clean energy technologies. Most encouraging of all, the support was largely bi-partisan. Seventy percent of Republicans were in favor of new gasoline taxes compared with 78% of Democrats. The poll repeatedly shows that clean technology is not a partisan issue.Obstacles still exist of course. Not the least of these is Representative John Dingell, who represents the city of Detroit in the U.S. House and will soon be the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dingell is clearly in opposition to new mileage standards even in the face of such a large majority. But with the American people so strongly in favor of new, clean technologies, it will be hard to stop it from happening.