Lamborghini Announces Hybrid Coming In 2015


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Exotic car maker Lamborghini has announced they will be entering the hybrid fray with their iconic Gallardo.

Company CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Germany's Automobilewoche that the first one is slated for 2015. He says that the Gallardo's electric motor will be used for low demand driving in slow, congested city traffic much like the Toyota Prius. When the Lambo hits higher speeds the 10- or 12-cylinder gas engine will kick in and immediately drop your MPGs back to a single digit.Recently Lamborghini has cut tailpipe emissions by 18 percent with the latest Gallardo, achieved through conventional refinements in the existing V10 powerplant.

Winkelmann said the company will spend $50.3 million between now and 2015, to reduce emissions in both its vehicles and its production facilities. He also confirmed that they will not be producing an all-electric car like the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing.

And I say, why the heck not? This is clearly a vanity effort on Lamborghini's part. They have a lot more wiggle room design-wise with a starting price of $180,000 for the Gallardo than say Honda.

While this helps the Audi-owned company meet its goal of cutting emissions by 35 percent, I cannot help think it's all just a big pissing contest with Ferrari.

Ferrari's hybrid is also set for a 2015 release.

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