KTM to Mass-Produce Zero Emission Electric Motorcycle in 2010

Electric Offroad Motorcycle
KTM has announced that it is committing to mass-production of its Zero Emission Motorcycle, a high-performance all-electric dirtbike. Enthusiasts are promised more torque and less noise. Could this be the ideal dirtbike?

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Hell for Leather Magazine reports:

The KTM electric motorcycle is a race-ready dual sport with 29.5lb/ft of torque. That may not sound like much, but at just 90kg (198lbs), it weighs 7kg less than KTM's own 125cc enduro. That's the torque of a 250cc two-stroke -- all of which will be available from 1rpm -- wrapped up in a package that's lighter than a 125. The lithium ion batteries give the electric KTM a range of about 40 minutes under "race conditions."

And because the batteries aren't too big, they can apparently be fully recharged in just one hour (though I'm not sure if that's on 110v or 220v).

Another obvious advantage of such an electric motorcycle is the noise, or lack of it. Dirtbikes, by definition, are mostly used in rough terrain. Often in nature. By generation less noise, they'll bother nearby animals (and people!) a lot less.

Via Hell for Leather Magazine
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