Kite For Sail: Something Old is New Again


Whenever we do a story about solar-powered water craft some pundit will pipe up and say "Yeh, but wot about wind powered yachts?" So if we can't beat 'em, join 'em! Kite For Sail employs what they term "advanced wind propulsion technology" to provide propulsion to boats. They suggest that he new era of sail-power "wont see the return of square rigged barques or clipper ships, but rather the introduction of high-tech kite sails that generate greater propulsion power than conventional sails." Though not bold enough to say such kitesails with replace standard marine power they figure they'll supplement them, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Currently their prototype systems is the primary power source for a F24 Corsair trimaran that plies the waters off Hawaii (no doubt looking for Losties!) Apparently their 18-metre kite system managed to achieve between 7 to 10 knots boat speed without the use of engine power. The next five years are being put into further R&D.; ::Kite For Sail.

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