Karnataka State Women's University in India Creates Bio-Diesel Park

Biodiesel Fuel Pump Photo

Image via: sparkrobot on Flickr.com

The Karnataka State Women's University will be sharing some of its barren, unused land with farmers in the area starting this fall to create a bio-diesel park, reports the Times of India. The park will be used to grow trees specifically to make biodiesel. The park will be located on the University's Toravi campus and will provide employment and income for local farmers. The Indian Bio-Diesel Society is also involved in the MOU and will help to establish the park.

In the last couple of years, we've written increasingly on the use of different biodiesel fuels in India. Jatropha, Camelina, and kudzu are all under consideration. India is also building more biodiesel refineries around the country this year. :The Times of India
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