Just what we needed dept: an urban SUV with an electric longboard in a drawer

© Audi

Here’s just the thing for your crowded city driving: Audi has come up with a compact SUV with a built-in long-board. “The concept offers sporty and multi-functional mobility for megacities with dense traffic and road restrictions.” They call it a connected mobility concept.

car and scooter© Audi

An electrically powered multifunctional longboard, measuring 1.05 meters in length, is integrated into the rear bumper of the car for convenient storage and removal. To ensure permanent usability, the device is charged automatically while loaded in the car. The board’s premium design includes superior materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum.

You plug in your destination and if the mapping program determines that you will get there faster by board than car, it will recommend a parking space and the driver then can continue to the destination by scooter, which can travel up to 12 km (7.5 miles) at 30 km/hr(20 MPH).

different modes© Audi

There are in fact three modes: longboard, scooter and a strange luggage robot that carries your stuff when shopping. Just connect it to your smart phone and it follows you anywhere.

riding the board© Audi

It is an interesting idea; I once had a sports car that was so unreliable and in the shop so often that my father suggested I keep a folding bike in the trunk so that I could get home. A built-in longboard would have been useful. It might also be a great idea in cities like London that have a congestion charge; just park outside the boundary where they hit you with the charge and scooter the rest of the way.

Audi explains the market: “Tailored to markets with growing urbanization such as China, this lifestyle concept was developed at Audi Research & Development in Beijing and focuses on young, progressive drivers.” But if you watch the video and see how this guy handles that scooter, you will wonder why he wants a car at all, or if he will even live long enough to get back to it.

Just what we needed dept: an urban SUV with an electric longboard in a drawer
Forget the SUV, just gimme the board.

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