Just What We Needed Dept: The Buddy Desk

original buddy desk photo

My biggest fear when riding my bike has always been getting right hooked by some lady in an SUV on a cellphone. I don't have to worry as much about that any more; as of today where I live in Ontario, Canada, texting or holding a cellphone to your ear while driving is illegal. Now all I have to worry about whether she is eating her lunch or working on a computer while sitting at her new Original Buddy Desk.


OK, Texting is now illegal, but what about computing? The Buddy Desk people have a disclaimer:

The Buddy Desk should only be used while your vehicle is parked with the engine turned OFF. Do NOT mount the Buddy Desk to steering wheel while the vehicle is in Motion.

Right. But they say right above that:

The Original Buddy Desk was designed to be a mobile office workspace and laptop mount for sales people, real estate agents, service technicians, law enforcement officers, and soccer moms or dads traveling in their vehicle from destination-to-destination.

In other words, moving. Cyclists and pedestrians beware, we now will get taken out by mobile offices.

The Buddy Desk via eoffice

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