Just what we needed Dept: A real solar highway

solar roadway
© Steven M. Johnson

All the webs are hot on the solar roadway that costs trillions and generates electricity. But in 1990 cartoonist and visionary Steven M. Johnson got it right, the solar stuff shouldn't be in the road, it should be on the vehicle. He notes on Facebook:

For decades I've been interested in ultralight vehicles, which may range from pedal bicycles to electric bicycles, to electric cars. I've thought there should be a safe space, a special highway or thoroughfare, for such vehicles. In 1990, I suggested an Intracontinental Solar-Electric Highway, where ultralights are not endangered by the presence of fast and heavy cars, SUVs, and trucks.

He's absolutely right. Imagine how nice this would be. And I really want to stay at the Solar Nomadpersons Hostel and Organicafe.

Just what we needed Dept: A real solar highway
Steven M. Johnson notes that it's hard to mix solar cars and hummers on the same road.

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