Just What We Needed Dept: A Cute Pink Car For Girls

honda sheHonda/Promo image

Guys like to look under the hood and check out the horsepower but women? Honda thinks that they just want it pink, with special UV blocking glass to prevent wrinkles and tutti-frutti bezels on the knobs. Oh, and the Plasmacluster climate control improves skin quality. According to NBC Today, "If that doesn’t get the message across, Honda uses a pretty little heart to replace the apostrophe in “She’s.” In 2012, really.

Chrysler tried this too- in 1955. It came with some neat accessories, according to Wikipedia:

1955 La Femme interiors were upholstered in a special tapestry material featuring pink rosebuds on a pale silver-pink background and pale pink vinyl trim. The La Femme came with a keystone-shaped, pink calfskin purse that coordinated with the interior of the car. The purse could be stowed in a compartment in the back of the passenger seat...On the back of the drivers seat was a compartment that contained a raincoat, rain bonnet and umbrella, all made from a vinyl patterned to match the rosebud interior fabric.

Then, as today, it appears that cars are a lot more than just transportation, but about image, status and sex. No wonder it is so hard to get people out of them.

Just What We Needed Dept: A Cute Pink Car For Girls
I thought the world had got beyond this kind of thing, but not in the land of Hello Kitty.

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