John McCain Takes a Look at the Chevy Volt

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Image Credit: Rebecca Cook, Reuters

McCain Takes a Look at the Chevy Volt
Fresh off his proposal for a $300 million government-sponsored prize for the development of better battery technology, presidential candidate John McCain, along with "GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner and other company executives. . .examined and got into a model of a Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid-electric car GM says it plans to have on the market by 2010." During the visit Senator McCain tried to burnish his green and national security credentials by saying that "the key, integral, vital part of our ability to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil will be directly related to that sign over there," referring to the Chevy Volt. There's much to dislike about the Senator, but he does understand the importance of electrifying our transportation system (too bad he wants to power it with nuclear plants).GM is Pinning its Hopes on the Volt
GM is rushing to get the vehicle ready in time for its promised release in 2010. The Volt will be able to go 40 miles in all-electric mode, after which point a gas generator will recharge the batteries. During the tour McCain said that cars like the Volt will create new jobs in Detroit and will help turn around the struggling American auto industry. Due to gas prices, GM's sales have been sluggish at best so far this year, and as Americans drive less and look for more efficient, compact cars, the automakers will have to adjust. Both McCain and Obama are eager to see that happen.

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