Japan's Seibu Railroad Uses Baseball Star To Promote Eco-Friendly Travel

seibu railway eco campaign photo

Seibu Railway, a Japanese railway operator of passenger trains throughout Tokyo and the neighboring Saitama Prefecture, has recently launched a campaign to encourage eco friendly rail travel. Seibu Railway hopes to increase awareness and encourages their customers to take action to preserve the natural environment of the planet by traveling more by train instead of using private cars to go to work or to leisure activities. Craig Brazell, the Saitama Seibu Lions clean-hitter and First Baseman is one of the sponsors of this campaign, and we spotted him in the campaign posters at all Seibu Railway stations. The campaign message can also be found on the Seibu Railway website, on stadium displays and in their monthly magazine, which is distributed at 91 Seibu stations and has a circulation of 50,000 copies. Watch the video clip (in Japanese) running on the crystal-liquid screens above the doors of the new Seibu Railway cars of a little boy who asking Brazell for an autograph while traveling on the train.

Seibu Railway is doing well leveraging its connection with the Saitama Seibu Lions. Brazell being a star in baseball-keen Japan now becomes Seibu Railway’s eco hero. In the campaign message he states that when going to work at the Saitama Dome, the Seibu Lions baseball ground, he is always traveling by Seibu Railway. He finds this an easy and convenient way of traveling. It remains to be seen whether Seibu Railway’s eco message hits home ground but well done for taking the initiative! --Alena Eckelmann at greenz.jp

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