Jalopnik on No PARK(ing) Day


So we thought PARK(ing) day was a lot of fun; shown above is No Impact Man's setup in New York. But what did the drivers think? Normally articulate and reserved Auto site Jalopnik calls us Enviro-dweebs and says "OK, seriously enviro-nuts, you've gone and crossed a line. It's hard enough trying to find metered parking spots in places like LA and New York City without you eco-nerds taking them over and putting up your potted plants and trees and lawn chairs. If you want to play ping-pong, find a rec room at a YMCA or something. There's a lot of those out in San Francisco and Miami and Waukegan, Illinois (seriously -- which of these does not belong?) and all the other cities you'll be "protesting" in."They were tongue in cheek as always, but their commenters were not: "These pansies want "more green space" blah blah blah and cars are the problem...blah blah blah...CO2 emissions blah blah blah. They're just so punchable. Sigh.. Jalopnik