R.I.P. C-X75: Jaguar Cancels Plug-in Supercar

Jaguar C-X75© Jaguar

We Hardly Knew Ya

Jaguar has decided to kill the C-X75 plug-in hybrid supercar before it was even really born. The original concept from 2010 was the most original version, with 4 electric motors and 2 gas micro-turbines powering it, and an electric-only range of 68 miles. In 2011, it was revised to be powered by only 2 electric motors and the turbines were replaced by a more conventional turbocharged & supercharged 1.6-litre gasoline engine, and the electric range was lowered to 31 miles, but it still seemed on track for production. What finally killed it was the general economic malaise that just won't end. Jaguar probably figured that there were fewer wealthy individuals looking for a supercar.

jaguar Cx75 photo

Not that the world is short of expensive sports cars. But if rich people are going to buy fancy rides, I'd rather that they spend their dough on a plug-in vehicle that helps finance R&D on things (batteries, power electronics, motors, aerodynamics, etc) that will end up in less expensive models in the coming years. Better that than V12 monsters that get single-digit MPG.

jaguar Cx75 photo

So adieu, C-X75. Hopefully Jaguar engineers have learned a lot working on you and they're now working on a more mainstream plug-in to compete with Tesla's Model S.

jaguar Cx75 photo

jaguar Cx75 photo

Via Autocar

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