iXi Bike


The new music savvy BMWs are said to be the ultimate iPod accessory. Well, we beg to differ. Beemers, make way for the iXi. No CO2 emissions from this modern person-powered marvel. It doesn't even need oil for the chain, preferring a grease-free composite drive belt. The list of specs is quite astounding. Stainless steel disc brakes, Shimano Nexus 4 speed internal hub and handle bar grip shifter, aluminium frame and quick rolling 16" 100 psi tyres. Ingeniously designed for anyone who thought bikes were a hassle. Truly. You owe it to yourself to read on.A slick looking grocery basket clips to the rear. A tool kit, pump (and just in case – a rain poncho) are stored inside the frame. The handlebars, the front stem and, bless their cotton socks, those pesky pedals also fold away. If you opt for the Breakaway model you can go one further and separate the frame in half with the provided Allen key. It then all stows in the optional carry bag. Perfect. By some incredible sleight of hand, all this has been accomplished in a bike that weighs a mere 26 lb (11.8 kg). Now its unlikely you'll see an iXi zooming to a win in an Olympic velodrome, but that's not the point. It's practical transport for doing the shopping, visiting friends, getting to work, enjoying the park. Ordinary everyday stuff. The iXi is simple, elegant and easy to understand. Just like that cute little beat box. And where does the iPod go? In the cup holder, where else? Available in US, Canada and UK. $1,099 (Breakaway $1,289) ::iXi Bike [by WM]


Check out the sexy detailing.
Even a padded carry handle!


Most excellent oil-free "chain".


Nice rack! Are those LEDs?


Perfect for getting in accidents.


Convenient carrying capacity.


One version even splits in two and stows in a bag!