It's Hard to be Green When You're Rich


I mean, look at those numbers. The mega-yacht pumps our 2.3 tons of CO2 per hour; the modest 150 horse only .04 tons. The Gulfstream G400 puts out a ton per passenger per hour; the seat in first class on the Boing 777 only .06. What is a billionaire to do? According to the Wall Street Journal there are now 10,000 private jets swarming the American skies, and builders can't keep up with demand for big boats. Some are buying offsets, but "Others say the efforts are little more than window-dressing, designed to ease the guilt of the wealthy or boost their status among an increasingly green elite. Environmentalists say that if the rich really wanted to help the environment, they would stop flying on private jets, live in smaller homes, and buy kayaks instead of yachts."

Right. Time for carbon rationing, anyone? ::Wall Street Journal