It's Back! British Architect Builds Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Car

image: Foster + Partners

Buckminster Fuller 's 1933 Dymaxion car was a marvel. Architect Norman Foster tells Jonathan Glancey of the Guardian:

"The Dymaxion had the same engine and transmission as the Ford Sedan of the time," says Foster, who worked with Fuller, his design hero, from 1971 until his death 12 years later. "However, at three times the volume, with half the fuel consumption and a 50% increase in top speed, it not only did more with less, but anticipated the 'people mover' of several decades later."

Foster loved it so much that he went and built a new one.

dymaxion car photo original


Fuller's daughter describes the ride:

"The interior seemed extraordinarily roomy," says Allegra Fuller Snyder, daughter of Fuller, remembering her rides in the original. "It felt almost like a living room. Riding in it was much more like floating." Foster echoes Allegra's sense of wonder. "Driving the Dymaxion is a revelation," says this lifelong sci-fi fan and Fuller's perfect disciple. "At slow speeds, it can turn on itself, almost like a spinning top. Moving faster, it is extraordinarily well-cushioned and feels more like a boat than a car."

I want one.

Fuller describing the car to students.

More in the Guardian.
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