It Doesn't Take a Genius: 'Power to the Pedal' Design Competition Underway


Design 21: social design network works "to bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design." In partnership with UNESCO, they have brought us the Heated Issue: A Global Warming Design and the DESIGN 21 Logo Competitions. The success of those contests, as measured by the quality of the winning entries, led DESIGN 21 to announce more design competitions. The latest, dubbed 'Power to the Pedal', is challenging designers "across the globe to create accessories for bicycles that would encourage people to make bicycling a part of their everyday lives."

Learn more about the reasoning behind the contest and the prizes after the fold.Bicycling is undoubtedly good for communities, air-quality, climate change, health, and more, but a lack of infrastructure and public awareness, combined with attitudes about cycling and cyclists in general, inhibit greater adoption of the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and leisure. 'Power to the Pedal' hopes to solve some of those problems via innovative designs. The contest description reads, "through accessories or add-ons, designers should make bicycling more convenient, more enjoyable, safer and easily integrated into daily lifestyles." The entries will be judged "based on overall effectiveness, creativity, practicality, aesthetics and how well it responds to environmental concerns," and the winner will take home $5,000.

We are so excited about the 'Power to the Pedal' design competition because by making cycling more like the other things we aspire to--such as driving--we stand a real chance of making inroads into how people choose to get from place to place. After all, cars are about convenience, gadgets, status and aspirations. With some good marketing and good design, there's no reason to think bicycle commuting can't achieve similar status in our society.

Via: ::Dexigner and ::Design 21

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