Is Nissan Planning a LEAF-Based Electric Sports Car?

nissan electric sports car 370z leaf photo

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain.
Meeting Tesla in the Middle
Nissan and Tesla have very different strategies when it comes to electric cars. Tesla has decided to start upmarket because they figured that since electric cars were going to be expensive at first, you might as well make the kind of car that people would usually pay a lot of money for (sexy sports car). Nissan went the opposite route, waiting until it had done enough in-house R&D; to reduce the cost of the main components, it then decided to put them into the body of a relatively low-cost car, hoping to attract more mainstream buyers. But while Tesla is moving downmarket with its second electric car, Nissan might be moving up with an electric sports car. Read on for more details.
nissan electric sports car 370z leaf photo

Photo: Wikipedia.
Nothing Official So Far
Inside Line says that a source at Nissan has confirmed that the Japanese company was not only planning to make a more upscale version of the LEAF and badge it as an Infiniti, but that they were also planning to make an electric sports car using the LEAF powertrain.

The two best candidates for electrification right now are probably the 370Z (which might be called the 370Z-E or something like that) and the Essence Coupe which was shown in Geneva n 2009.

Other possibilities would be the Altima Coupe or Infinity G37. But we'll have to wait to find out...

Via Inside Line
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