Is London considering Paris-style electric car sharing?

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The huge Parisian electric car sharing network that just launched is a powerful symbol for a new economic model. Combining the environmental benefits of electric cars with the environmental and social benefits of a collaborative, sharing economy has the potential to be a real game changer. But Paris is only one city. For this to really make a difference, it has to spread like the bike-sharing networks that preceded it. Now, according to Business Green, there are some promising early signs that London may also be considering an electric car sharing network:

The London Assembly is investigating whether to introduce an electric car club mirroring Paris' new Autolib system, in order to help the capital's mayor achieve his target to rollout thousands of electric vehicles (EV) and charging points. Murad Qureshi, chairman of the London Assembly Environment Committee, told BusinessGreen that he plans to visit Paris next month to learn more about whether London could replicate Paris' €35m EV hire scheme.

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