Is 'Green Limousines' an Oxymoron?


Luxury car maker, Bentley, want to create a greener range of cars in order to get closer to tighter proposed EU limits on emissions. The head of the company, Franz-Josef Paefgen, said, "We are currently forming a view on the matter, for instance by talking to politicians in England. And when the view is complete, we will decide in spring 2008 what to do."

However, whatever measures the manufacturer takes, don’t get your hopes up - they won't be drastic. Paefgen went on to say that no one should expect the car maker to release a small, three-litre car - which would still be an enormous car by other manufacturer’s standards.This news, that the relatively small number of Bentleys on the road will get greener, is good - even better when you consider that Bentley are aiming to become far more common on the roads (Paefgen also wants to boost sales to over 10,000 per year), but still reeks of hypocrisy. For a car manufacturer such as Bentley to even try to align themselves to the environmental movement is ridiculous. Of course, every step they take towards sustainability is positive, but if they truly believed that it was important to reduce emissions then they wouldn't make such enormous and energy-hungry cars. On the other hand, if people didn't want them, then they wouldn’t be able to sell them. ::Terra Daily