Is a 17-foot long Smart Car Still Smart?


We've already seen smart cars made to look like monster trucks, but now a British company called Carbonyte UK has taken the diminutive Smart ForTwo, cut it in half, and stretched it to 17 feet. They are calling the end-product a Smaaart car, and they plan on using it as a "promotional vehicle" that includes "a 20:1 scale fibre-glass replica soft drinks can, complete with ring-pull," not to mention all the room made available for all your green accoutrements (think how many solar panels could fit in there!).

If the above photo of the Smaaart left you wondering where you can buy one for yourself, have no fear: the company has plans to sell the car as "an individual yet environmentally-friendly hearse"--whatever that means--for approximately $50,000. It's still a small price to pay for an ungainly, impractical vehicle (I mean, think about how much money people plunk down for a Hummer!). In fact, given all the advertising space opened up by that giant soda can in the middle of the car, any Smaaart owner is bound to reap tremendous financial rewards from ownership. See a video of the car after the fold.

Via: ::Autopia (Wired Blog)

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