Ireland Sets Goal of 250,000 Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2020

"10% of all vehicles in the transport fleet to be powered by electricity"
These days, there's certainly no shortage of ambitious goals, especially in Europe. The hard thing is achieving them. Sadly, the problem is that from politicians' point of view, the hard part is far away in the future while the accolades and political gains are immediate.

Will Ireland's EV targets for 2020 be different?According to the Irish Department of Transport, the plan includes:

  • Tax incentives for business to purchase electric vehicles Businesses can write off 100% of the cost of purchase against tax under the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme
  • A €1 million project by Sustainable Energy Ireland to research, develop and demonstrate of vehicles nationally
  • Assistance for individuals purchasing electric vehicles — publication of a "Buyer's Guide" and a "Cost of Ownership Calculator" by Sustainable Energy Ireland
  • Establishment of a National Task Force which will examine infrastructure options for national roll-out of electric vehicles, including street charging

But: "the tax write-off will not be available to individuals purchasing electric vehicles. Nor will the Government's €1,000 tax free allowance for the purchase of bicycles cover electric bikes."

Minister Eamon Ryan said:

We are positioning ourselves as a centre for electric vehicles. The Government expects considerable international investment to emanate from this plan.

This year alone Ireland will send over €6 billion out of the country to pay for fossil fuels. I want to bring this money back into the Irish economy and fuel our transport fleet with Irish renewable electricity.

It all sounds good, and the incentives will no doubt make EVs more affordable, but the main factor will certainly be availability of actually electric vehicles. If all goes well, by 2020 lots of range-extended and pure EVs will be on the market. But to get there, lots of companies have to do the heavy lifting now.

Via Ireland's Department of Transport, Irish Times
Photo: Irish Times
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