iPhone App Aids Electric Vehicle Charging


Image credit: Coulomb Technologies

From San Francisco's plans to be the EV charging capitol of the US to serious efforts to build a national electric vehicle charging network, Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint concept seems to be making waves. But how can EV owners easily access this network while it's still in its fledgling stages? Why, with an iPhone app of course. And this is about more than just finding the location of charging stations. The free ChargePoint iPhone App from Coulomb gives electric vehicle owners the ability to not only easily locate ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles anywhere in North America, but also to see in real time if a charging station is currently available, in use, or out of service. Using the iPhone or iPod Touch, drivers can use the app to start and stop charging sessions, be notified when their vehicle is fully charged, and get directions to stations too.

This is exactly the kind of software that should help ease the transition from the gas station infrastructure of today to the smart grid, electrified transportation infrastructure of tomorrow. It's all coming together nicely.

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