Zero Emissions Fuel-Cell Mercedes Is 'Invisible' (Video)

Poor Mercedes. The car company spent years and a lot of money developing a fuel cell vehicle that seems to perform like a champ, looks good, and has all the creature comforts drivers love.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure for re-fueling hydrogen cars is small, and thus the impetus for the average consumer to buy a B-Class F-Cell from Mercedes is also teeny. That thus far the same for any of the car makers building hydrogen-powered cars.

So Mercedes spent some more money making a fancy commercial using panels of LED lights strapped to one side of a B-Class F-Cell, and movie cameras strapped to the other side, so that the car displays what it is rolling by, appearing (somewhat) invisible to viewers.

That's supposed to demonstrate how eco-friendly the car is because it's zero emissions (in addition to water vapor) make it 'invisible' to the environment.

It's cute, and obviously appeals to our insatiable demand for techno marvels. However, was anyone else struck by the fact that in the video they keep sticking the car in places where really, cars shouldn't be (like on the pedestrian walkways). Instead of a feeling that the B-Class F-Cell is invisible, I ended up feeling like the car is rather obtrusive.

Zero Emissions Fuel-Cell Mercedes Is 'Invisible' (Video)
Mercedes thinks its new fuel-cell car is 'invisible' to the environment, and spent a lot of money on a commercial to demonstrate it.

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