Introducing, A Site Dedicated To Promoting Safe Roadways For All

We've seen several efforts to make roadways safe, not only for motorists, but also for everyone that makes use of them. For instance, there is the bicycle traffic school in Santa Cruz, California, that teaches safe cycling practices, and the growing movement for Cyclist Memorials, which raise awareness about cycling fatalities. Now a new been launched, with the aim of "promoting safe, courteous and respectful use of roadways" for all.

The concept is simple: those interested in promoting the cause can order red and black wristbands and pledge to "obey all roadway laws and undertake to respectfully encourage others to do the same." Anyone from individuals, to corporations, to municipalities can partake in the program. So far the town of Woodside, California, has decided to support Honor the Stop, and will be launching a safety and awareness campaign. Now that high gas prices have encouraged more people to hop on their bikes, it's especially important that safety be emphasized as neophyte cyclists hit the roads and mingle with drivers that are feeling pain at the pump.

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