Traffic in China is so insanely chaotic, it's actually mesmerizing to watch (Video)

traffic in china photo
Screen capture YouTube

When traffic laws are enforced and proper road etiquette is in practice, navigating city streets is usually a breeze for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. But when such rules are ignored and common courtesies neglected, a simple commute can turn chaotic in a hurry -- dangerous, disorganized, and yet somehow really quite mesmerizing.

YouTube user Wade Shepard shares with us this dystopian-seeming scene of what life is like when the rules of the road are reneged. In this clip, filmed overlooking an intersection in Taizhou, China, all manner of motor-vehicles are seen in a maddening melee to get where they're going, as if no regulations were in place to make the process run smoother.

While impatient drivers show little hesitation to risk a fender-bender in all this jockeying, crossing the street appears to be a life-threatening endeavor for folks on foot, like a level on Frogger you have to be an expert to get to.

Shepard points out that such reckless road behavior is common throughout China -- a nation, he notes, with one of the highest rates of car accidents in the world.

Still, even in countries where traffic regulations are strongly upheld, scofflaw and distracted motorists can be found behaving with similar disregard for the safety of others around them.

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