Interest in Plug-in Cars Is Declining In America

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A new study conducted by Pike Research indicates that the number of people extremely or very interested in electric cars has declined in the last year, from 40% to36%. It's not much, but one might have thought that it would be going in the opposite direction.

Interestingly, a third of the respondents spell out the ant-electric talking points that Fox News and Rush were using to attack the Chevy Volt.

Pike Research also received feedback that one-third of respondents did not agree that plug-in vehicles are much cheaper to own than gasoline vehicles. Also, more than one-third of respondents believe that plug-in vehicle batteries are dangerous and 40 percent of respondents stated that plug-ins often strand their owners when battery power is depleted.

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Interest in Plug-in Cars Is Declining In America
Is it real, or is it the political cycle?

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