Innovative Infrastructure: Separating Cyclists And Cars With A High-Speed Ramp

ramp competition entry image

Tiago Barros and Jorge Pereira via Designboom

Usually when pedestrians and cyclists are separated from cars at highways, it is the pedestrians who have to climb stairs and walk over the highway; cars get priority. So they often run across and get killed. Designboom quotes designers Tiago Barros and Jorge Pereira, who wondered "why change the route of pedestrians and cyclists?" So they designed a ramp system to get the cars over the pedestrian/cyclist path, and to create a new tourist attraction.


It was an entry in a design competition to design a bridge, but this is much more fun and probably a lot cheaper. The designers write:

We propose a High-Speed Car Ramp that enables pedestrians and cyclists to cross freely the Segunda Circular Highway. North and South become connected again. The cars path is altered by a ramp that acts as a bridge for vehicles. Drivers are expected to accelerate - burning more gas - which is provided by Galp Energia. [one of the sponsors of the competition]

Cars accelerate as they approach the ramp;


When they hit the ramp at the right speed, they sail right over.


The ramp will provide a long lasting event. An event that will take place every second a car goes by.This long lasting show will bring people from all over the World. A new tourist attraction takes place.The arrival of this new catalyst will foster the redevelopment of the whole region.

That's getting mileage out of your infrastructure investment!

More images in Designboom.

Project Architects: Tiago Barros + Jorge Pereira
Team: Ines Valente, Natalie Bazile, Yoon-Young Hur, Joao Paulo Fernandes
Promoters: ExperimentaDesign and Fundacao Galp Energia

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