Infinyte Electric Boat: Ugly, But It Grows On You

infinyte electric boat photo from rear

My first reaction upon seeing the Infinyte i4 electric boat was "why is it so ugly?" It looks less like a boat than a floating hot tub. But the longer you look, the more it makes sense; it has an efficient catamaran hull, and it's not exactly designed for water skiing.

It is faster than it looks though, capable of running for five hours at eight knots. Most electric boats are conversions of conventional designs; the infinyte is designed from the keels up around the idea of an electric drive.

infinyte electric boat photo interior

Steering and throttle is built into a joystick control; it also has a built-in ladder and of course, lots of cup holders.

infinyte electric boat photo propeller

Propellers rotate to steer, and can be raised and lowered with the throttle as well.

Electric boats make a lot of sense on smaller lakes, where the noise and pollution from outboard motors can be a real problem. This is much more of a recreational cruiser than a working boat, although they make a smaller model designed for a Torqeedo. Made by Infinyte Marine
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