Infiniti Claims to Want to "Reinvent Itself as Socially Responsible Car Maker"

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All Hybrid Lineup, But It Might Take a Decade
Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn has been very vocal about his love of electric cars (see also here and here), and now it's Infiniti's turn to announce some changes. According to the luxury automaker's head of advanced product planning, Francois Bancon, "all Infinitis will be hybrids within 10 years."

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This isn't such a surprising move considering that Mercedes also has big plans, and Lexus is already putting hybrid drivetrains in more of it's models (including the new hybrid-only Lexus HS 250h ).

The first Infiniti hybrid should be a gas-electric version of the M sedan, available next year. But the plan is to put a hybrid system in all the models (we assume they're talking about parallel systems, like the one in the Toyota Prius, but eventually this might move to a series system which would make the cars more similar to the GM Volt).

Why Not Leapfrog?
But what matters is execution. What kind of MPG numbers will the Infiniti cars get? What kind of emissions? Since we're talking about more expensive cars to start with, why not try to go directly to plug-in hybrid or all-electric? This would certainly make a bigger difference and help make that technology mature so that costs can go down.

Infiniti Essence Hybrid Concept
The Infiniti Essence concept (photo above) is a hybrid car shown at the Geneva Motor Show. It's not a production model, so the tech specs (592 hp total, 24.9 MPG) probably don't tell us too much about what the future Infiniti hybrids will be like, except maybe give us some clues about the exterior design.

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