In Paris, IKEA Makes Waiting for the Bus a Pleasure


Waiting for the bus in Paris got a lot more comfortable for a week in December. Photo: Jean-François Gornet under a Creative Commons license.

This week, Parisians and visitors to the city taking the bus will have a very different experience while waiting for their ride to arrive. From December 15 until the 21st, IKEA has tricked out the bus stops at 12 different stations throughout the center of Paris, focusing on areas that are heavily trafficked during the holiday season (such as the Champs-Elysées and the Latin Quarter). Sofas, shelves, lighting and decorations are now part of the trip.The timing is good, too. Paris has been going through a bit of a cold snap; last week the biggest snow storm to hit the city in 23 years left 11 cm of snow on the ground and the city ground to a halt. But now that buses are running again, people will be able to wait in comfort, if not exactly warmth.

When it comes to being green, it's hard to pin down where IKEA lies. Lloyd sums it up:

They made modern design affordable and popular, while at the same time making it almost impossible for local designers and short-run production to compete. They have taken many green initiatives, but still are a suburban big box vendor with much of their production outsourced.

And seeing as cars have comfortable seats and people's living rooms tend to be furnished (often by IKEA), it's hard to claim that this will result in more people using the bus. But we can still laud the Swedish furniture giant for making public transportation a more pleasant experience, at least for a week.

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