In Memoriam: Doug Bourn, Brian Finn, and Andrew Ingram (Tesla Employees Killed in a Plane Crash)

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We Should Know More About What Caused the Crash in Five Days
For those of you why missed this sad story on Wednesday, the background info about the plane crash can be found here. Obviously any loss of life is tragic, and this is no exception. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk posted a little bit of background information about the three men on Tesla's website, and we learn that (from left to right on the photo) "Doug Bourn, 56, was a senior electrical engineer and a five-year employee of the company", "Brian Finn, 42, was a senior interactive electronics manager with Tesla since July of 2008," and "Andrew Ingram, 31, was an electrical engineer with Tesla for two and a half years. He was passionate about electronics and exquisite audio systems, and was eager to lend a hand wherever it was needed, from marketing to manufacturing."
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The National Transportation Safety Board should have some results in five days as to what caused the Cessna to clip a PG&E; power line and crash on Beech Street in East Palo Alto, said aviation accident inspector Joshua Cawthra. What will help, he added, is East Palo Alto's [ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System], the city's high-tech sensors that detect gun shots. The noises from the plane's engine were detected on the system, and could help explain why the plane crashed moments after taking off in heavy fog for a trip to Southern California.

Cawthra did state today, however, that Bourn made "zero distress calls'' from the air, and had said his last words to radio control from the ground.

The Mercury News has many photos of the crash site and of the deceased.

Once again, our sincere condolences to the friends, family, and coworkers of these men.

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