In Japan, Your Nissan Helps You Drive Efficiently

Nissan Carwings Navigation system

Nissan just announced that users of its popular CARWINGS navigation system (only in Japan for now) will now have access to a new service called "Eco-Drive and You". There are three main components: 1) Eco-drive check, which shows your average fuel consumption, trends in fuel economy, a history and comparison with the last 2 records; 2) Eco-drive ranking, which shows your average fuel economy history and compares it with other CARWINGS members with the same car model, and displays annual fuel expenses and savings; 3) Driving Advice via audio guidance, various tips on more efficient driving.

Please Nissan, don't keep this technology Japan-only! Real-time feedback has proven to be very effective in making people more efficient drivers (in the Toyota Prius, for example). It's a lot easier to improve if you know exactly how you're doing... ::Nissan Press Release, via ::Green Car Congress. See also: ::We Want Fuel Economy Feedback in All Cars, ::Toyota to Introduce "Eco Drive" Indicator, ::Nissan to Develop Own Hybrid Technology

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