In Humboldt County, Cyclists Get Bicycle Training

We've previously covered the bicycle traffic school in Santa Cruz, California, but what about teaching cyclists the rules of the road before they get a ticket for unsafe riding? After all, while cyclists have the same rights--and responsibilities--as vehicles, they are not required to receive any training on the rules of the road, yet such training would be immensely helpful. Well, a new program in nearby Humboldt County is providing children and adults alike the chance to learn how to ride in a safe, fun and legal manner.

The courses are being put on by the Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association (HBBCA) in an effort to ensure that as high gas prices send more people looking for alternatives, there isn't an increase in traffic accidents as neophyte cyclists hit the roads. Here's how the program will work: "Participants will be given verbal instruction on the rules of the road and then will participate in an on-street training program. The program lasts two hours. Upon completion, participants will be familiar with bike laws, the importance of adhering to the laws, and how to ride defensively and responsibly on public streets." As cities try to be more bike-friendly, it's important that cyclists become more aware of the rules of the road, as well. Hopefully we begin to see similar programs take root across the country.


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