ILVTOFU License Plate Rejected as Obscene: More PETA PR Fluff or Veggie Freedom of Speech Issue? (Video)

Colorado bans woman's tofu license plate

By all accounts, this doesn't seem to be another PETA publicity stunt but rather, if you will, a rather organic occurrence: Colorado woman applies for the vanity plate ILVTOFU, is rejected by authorities on grounds that it might be read as I-LV-TO-FU.Kelley Coffman-Lee says she has been a vegetarian for 13 years and a vegan for the past four and from the Go Veg stickers it's clear she has had some contact with PETA, but as the organization's carbon calculator doesn't factor in one's vehicle emissions, we suppose her good veggie habit makes up for her SUV. Heck, perhaps it was a used car and, given the impacts associated with new car manufacture, it's greener to keep an old car than pluck a fresh one.

via EcoWonk