Illinois Dealer Leases Mitsubishi i Electric Car for Just $69/Month!

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Apparently Not a Typo

Well, that's one way to attract attention: Offer to lease a Mitsubishi i electric car (aka i MiEV) for just $69 per month! Granted, it's not exactly a standard lease, as the maximum time available is 24 months and you would have to pay tax, title and license up front (which Scott Lovett, a salesman at O'Brien Mitsubishi in Illinois, told Autoblog Green would come to around $2,100). But still, that's quite a deal!

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There's also another option which is quite affordable: $169 per month for a 24-month lease, and no money down and all the rest (tax, title, license) are included in the monthly amount. Not bad either!

Let's hope that more dealerships around the country do things like that to increase the rate of adoption of electric cars.


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Illinois Dealer Leases Mitsubishi i Electric Car for Just $69/Month!
They are leasing the jelly-bean shaped Mitsubishi EVs either for $69/month or $169/month, a record low price as far as we know.

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